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Baby Leo

Baby Leo was such a gem. Isn't he just perfect? As fir hsuan older brother well by looking at these photos you would never know but...

"TODDLERS are so easy to work with" said no photographer EVER hahaha. One of the promises you will get from me is that I will do whatever it takes to get "that" family picture Even if it takes 1 hour to just get family photos... This is why I don't have a time limit on my sessions. I believe I am here to deliver services for you and work my magic so you get these special memories captured. Some toddlers are more challenging that others but fingers crossed I have not yet failed to get a sibling or family photo. Only parents know what we did to get these:)

Best time to book your newborn session is after 12 weeks scan. Best time to photograph baby is under 2 weeks old although I photograph babies at any age.

To book your newborn session contact Ania on 0407 227 373 or email


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