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6 under 6

The pictures you are about to see where the result of few mini sessions carried out at my studio in Agnes Banks. Given the age of children I thought will be the best idea to do a little bit at a time. At the end Mummy got the beautiful book that looks just amazing! Meet this lovely family of 6 children under the age of 6.

Little Summah was only 10 days old when she came for her first photoshoot. She wasn't too sure about it and kept checking out on me :)

It was Christmas time too - what a lovely under the tree surprise she was!

4 girls came to me afterwards. They were lively little things but somehow we managed to get a great group shoot :)

Savana was so shy, sweet darling girl. She looked so beautiful in the purple dress.

Lucky Mackenzie was all giggles for me :)

And so was Tanielle

We also tried all girls on the same chair, even tiny Summah :)

Here is the close up of Summah, my very fav image :)

And because this time she was sooooo sleepy I had to try another chair :)

Such a beautiful girl!

Then it was time for boys - blues and browns

The last shoots were taken outside of my studio. Look how much Summah has grown!

Thank You for bringing your babies to me Mummy! I hope you will treasure those memories for many more years :)

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