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There is something special about photographing newborns after you have photographed their Mother pregnant. It is like i have already known them. I love getting those exciting messages with all baby's details and sometimes even pictures. I feel so happy to be a part of this new life joy :)

So i guess it's fair to say me and Amelia met before she was born :)

Firstly meet Rebecca - Amelia's Mummy. This image was taken when Amelia was still in her Mummy's tummy. Didn't she make her Mumy glow?

If you want to vie the whole maternity session of Rebecca follow this link. However for now let's get back to Amelia.

We started the shoot with family pictures. Given Amelia has a very young big brother we wanted to get the sibling photos done fast before he gets bored :)

Then it was time for parents and baby shots.

And of course Mummy and Daddy shots :)

Afterwards it was time to photograph little baby Amelia :)

For this shot Mummy brought beautiful patchwork blanket and toys which Amelia was given. Isn't that a wonderful keepsake?

Next we choose peachy blanket.

Unfortunately Amelia had a really tough time getting settled. She wanted to feed all the time and was in lots of tummy pain. It was then we decided to finish the shoot and reschedule for once she feels better. I must admit this was the hardest session I have ever had. Poor thing was really in pain.

However when she returned in a next few days things went much better. We started with this beautiful setup. She even gave me a smile with a wink :)

Yet we still had to wait a while before she finally dosed off to sleep. And when she did we got this beauties - my favourite images :)

And even bigger smile!

Because it was almost Christmas time we just had to get into festive spirit :)

We didn't want to risk Amelia waking up so we we changed the backdrop, added accessories and voila - here is the new set up :) Do you think Amelia like it? Well, her smiles says so!

After a little break we tried another setup and although Amelia was awake ( she just closed her eyes there of this photo - but check out the fingers, she's probably trying to throw that pillow at me and tell me to leave her alone) we still ended ups getting gorgeous photograph.

All I can say that was the hardest session I have ever done, gorgeous Amelia made me work hard but I am so proud of those images. Thank You Mumma for your great assistance and thrust one me :)

And look at her now - here is 4 months old Amelia smiling to the camera like a champion! She came back to me for Twinkle Toes ( hands and feet moulds) frame photos. So, so pretty!

I hope to see you again pretty girl!

And make sure you check out her Mummy's maternity session gallery :)


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