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I though I'll add this section to explain what exactly photography involves and what are you paying for.

Firstly - have a look at those two photos.

Sep 2014

July 2016

The first picture you see is of my dear son when he was a newborn. The colors (white balance) and angle are wrong. I used cheap faux fur and my positiong wasn't good yet. I was using cheaper camera, cheaper lence and my experience was poor. Hence I was charging very small money and offering all images on a disc while learning my craft.

Over the next couple of years I have invested money into learning - newborn courses, maternity and so on. I have started to outsource boutique style clothing and props to keep up with latest trends in baby portraiture. All of these costs were outwearing my profit, i was basically spending more money on things i needed for the session then i was actually getting paid. I had two options - shut down or raise my prices.

I have decided to keep going and sadly i have lost my customers however i have gained new ones who appreciated my work enough to pay me accordingly. Now i can afford to buy something special for every session and i'm working really hard to ensure my clients are 100% satisfied.


 In the second picture you see a baby lying on $70 blanket in $30 outfit. The positioning is pretty damn good and skin color is much nicer ;) I have also used new camera and new lense and i now work at the comfort of my fully equiped studio :) 

What i am trying to say is that I am at the point in my photography where I provide consistent results thanks to the knowledge and experience i have gained over the years. Also the props I choose for your babies come with the expensive price tag. 

 My service is not for everyone, it's for those who appreciate my craft in this saturated and competitive world where everyone who owns a camera is a "photographer". 

So you need to decide whether you value a photography enough to pay what it's worth... If yes then let's talk :) 

Purple curly flokati $80

White wooden bowl $120

Weights to secure the baby $30

Headband $20

$160 backdrop from USA

Floor $115

$45 blanket from newborn props shop


How to become a photographer?

1. Buy camera, buy lense and start charging money for taking photos.

How to become a profesional photographer?

1. Prepare business plan.

2. Learn your craft.

3. Open the business.

4. Get insurance.

5. Get professional equipment.

6. Start charing for your work.

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