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Imogen and Kealey

As usual I have arrived at the location a bit earlier. I was worried about the weather as it was overcast at that point. I still remember the moment when I saw two little girls walking towards me. At first I could see two bouncy balls, flowing dresses and curls. Then I heard giggles (which stayed with me till I got home) and then I saw their beautiful faces. What a dolls - I though to myself. At that point I already knew this is going to be a great session. First up was Kealey - gorgeous 2 years old blonde whoo was sooooo well behaved. Then Imogen who at first was very shy but then opened up to me. And when the sun came out I was so excited! I love the result of this session, the true nature of those girls, how sweet and precious they are. Everytime I look through these pictures I almost can hear them giggle. I hope you can too :) Enjoy :)

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