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Leo's session was the first session conducted in my freshly renovated studio. And what a great way to "christen" my studio. He was a dream!

It was a very rainy day, to the point my studio almost got flooded! Lucky i had a good friend quickly digging the pathway around my studio so the river of rain could flow down. Given it's autumn I though we'll start with beautiful autumn colours. This setup I already had waiting for Leo before he arrived :)

Next Mum choose the nest, curls, backdrop and a blue hat and we created this lovely setup.

And of course I had to get close ups of his amazing eyelashes!

And other lovely baby details :)

It was Mum's idea to position Leo on a bed and how gorgeous is that!

Mum loves blue so blue flokati was a must!

At this point Leo started to get a bit hungry so we only got a couple of shots before it was feeding time.

After feed his tummy was very nice and full. As you can see Leo is resting patting his tummy feeling very comfortable in my posing pod.

Then it was the to move onto bean bag shoots. Mum picked up this beautiful blanket, something in between green and blue. What a perfect choice for a little boy born in Autumn.

Yet, I couldn't help myself to change a color a tad in some shots. Thank You photoshop, you did it again!

I left the rest image in the original color as they look so good on his naked skin. Just baby Leo's perfect little body :)

We then changed Leo into this gorgeous outfit and position him on grey and beige flokati. Oh, so cute!

We then removed the flokati and took some pictures back on green blanket.

Them we lifted Leo and lay him on beautiful mustard blanket. He looks super adorable in a bum up pose!

Is this a smile???

Leo's session took 3.5 hours. We did 9 different setups and took two feeding breaks. The whole session was conducted at Ania Spice Photography studio catering of newborn and baby photography.

On the weekend Mummy brought to my studio Leo's big brother, sister and Daddy. This session took approximately 30 min and run very smoothly on this yet another rainy day.

I bet all family is going to go crazy about this image. What a beautiful children!

What a gorgeous family! I can only imagine this image proudly hanging on their walls.

Thank you Mummy for bringing beautiful Leo and your family for your baby's newborn session with me. I hope you will treasure those images for many, many years!


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