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6 days old Isaiah

This gorgeous little boy was an absolutely perfect model. He slept so well throughout the whole session. And editing his gallery was such a joy, I mean just look at him, so perfect.

Because Isaiah was very settled I was able to accomplish a lot of different poses. I even got a smile!

I loved the connection between Daddy and his little boy.

Mummy looked so good for giving birth only 6 days ago. We now know where did the little fella got his good looks from.

After the blanket and family shoots it was time to have some fun in the props.

Can you guess what month Isaiah was born? Yes! He's a Christmas baby.

Cutest little Santa boy :)

It was so nice to see this couple becoming family.

From just two of them ...

to the beautiful family:)

Thank you for reading :) If you'd like your little baby to have pictures like these I'm just a phone call away.


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