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Pat's second birthday smash cake

For Pat's second birthday smash cake i wanted to do something very special. I had this vision of Winnie the Pooh house for a while and I was wondering if I can pull it off. I am a good photographer but terrible painter. After many bad sketches and last minute phone calls to more artsy friend ( who unfortunately couldn't make it) I decided to just pick up that brush and hope for the best. Overall I'm pretty stoked as I am not artsy ( although my daughter now seams to think otherwise).

So allow me to take you to the hundred acre forest where Pat the Pooh celebrates his second birthday :)

The story begins in my studio where Pat reads the Tales from the Hundred- Acre Wood.

And as he reads more and more he finds himself ...

inside the book...

... where a sweet treat awaits him :) By the look on his face I think he's stoked :)

The cake (aka beehive) was made by Rebecca Drury and it tasted as good as it looked :) And yes, my second daughter couldn't resist to try the cake pretty much straight after it arrived and of course leaving the hole right in the centre.

Pat loved the cake and was very happy to pull it apart :)

And this is what we called icing painting

Happy birthday Pat! I hope you had a fun smash cake!

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