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Sofie's session was the first one session that I travelled to. It was a long drive for me with my fully loaded van but it was so worth it, she is such a doll. My camera and I totally loved her! Mum wanted a lifestyle session (candid photos of family time) along with Sofie's personally styled portraits. Their home was just perfect for this session. Large, bright, beautifully decorated. A lifestyle photographer's dream :) As I walked into Sofie's home I could hear the stomping of her hands and knees and as I looked over I saw this cute little thing with a cheeky smile crawling to check out who has come in. She was very inquisitive, checking out all the props that I had brought with me. One thing she was very insistent on was 'no headbands', luckily we somehow managed to get her to wear a few ;) Sofie for her wee 10 months of age was the most lively little girl I've met. She really couldn't stay still ;) She definitely gave us a workout! As the session progressed the little Princess got tired but because I really wanted to capture natural emotions, love and joy of everyday life I asked Mum to just relax and act as if I wasn't there. So, it was then when Agate took Sofie to her room for some nice Mummy and Daughter time and I just love the photos I captured then. You can really see the love, and connection these two have (especially in that black and white photo) when girls look at each other ;) I also love the breast feeding photos.There is something so very special about comforting your child in your arms, I loved watching Sofie playing with her Mummy's hair, stroking her face... ❤️❤️❤️ and when Dad sat beside them to join that special time it was just perfect! Capturing those emotions, where nothing is staged or forced, just pure love and connection, this is what lifestyle photography is all about. Anyway, that's it from me! Enjoy and thank you Agate for choosing me as your photographer! I absolutely loved every moment ❤

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