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Thank you 

for booking your session with me!

I am so excited to be your photographer. 

Now, let's get excited and talk about how can you prepare for your shoot.

Remember if you have any questions or special requests just ask me and i will be happy to help. Remember you are hiring me to do exactly what you want:)

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Imagine today is your first big date with the sexiest man there is and you want to look your absolute best. Well, try too make the same effort. 

Have a good night sleep, have a light meal so you are not hungry and bring some snacks in case you do ( strawberries and chocolate are girl's best friends). You are more than welcome to bring one serve of " encouragement" drink for yourself.

Have a relaxing shower, make sure your skin is smooth and free of hair, do your nails as i will be photographing your hands a lot. 


Hair and make up is additional service that I strongly recommend to have done. I have few names I can recommend that I know you will be happy with. This makes such a difference in your confidence on a day and definitely feels good to feel pretty :) Make sure you don't make any other appointments on that day so you don't feel rushed. 

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Please, don't wear prior to the session tight fitting clothes or anything that can mark your skin. Please moisturise your skin in the morning of your session. This will make your skin look radiant and healthy. Avoid grease and oily moisturisers and take it easy on spray tan as quite often it just looks orange. 



You are more than welcome to bring your partners along.  Please choose simple and coordinating outfits for all of you. Unbuttoned shirt, jeans and white/black tops work great. 

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I would love to capture a few details of your naked body with a nipple poking out or bum shoot. I will do this towards the end of the session when you feel more relaxed. For that reason please bring extra thin skin colour string underwear so it is easier to edit it out. 

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